Here's a Useful Guide to Buy Look Enhancing Women's Blazers

Blazers for women are a great way to add style and sophistication in your wardrobe. When you're dress shopping, it's easy to get lost in the sea of skirts and dresses.

But don't forget about blazers! Blazers can be worn over any outfit, from casual jeans or slacks to a skirt or formal gown. You'll always look polished with a chic blazer on.

In this guide we will show you how to buy them at stores near you by going through key features that set them apart. Whether you're looking for something classic black, fancy satin, or brightly colored plaids there's bound to be one that fits all of your needs! So let's start exploring today!

How to Buy Blazer Look Enhancing Women's Blazers at Stores Near You

Before you head out the door with your shopping list, it's important that you have a good idea of what you are looking for before heading into stores near you.

An understanding of features and terms will help you navigate the racks effectively so that you can find the right blazers for women for your wardrobe.

Note: All our featured products below are sorted by material type so it'll be easier for you to find what works best with your desired price range.

womens blazer

Blazer Key Features We Identified For You! 

Price is always an important consideration when buying anything, especially clothes! If you're on a budget, then check out these blazers under 5000 Rs.

If you're not too worried about price and just want to invest in quality, then why not check out the luxury designer blazers from brands such as Hail Women and Pantaloons?

These are a bit pricier, but they can still fall within a reasonable range for most middle-class shoppers.

Material Type

Every type of material has its advantages and disadvantages, so it's important that you have an idea of what works best for your wardrobe before going shopping!

With these types of women's blazers, there are three main materials to choose from: satin, wool or cotton. Satin is usually made from polyester, which is durable and easy to care for.

Wool is typically blended with other fibers because it can be itchy to wear by itself. However, wool is known for its breathability and range of colors that cater to formal events.

Cotton is an extremely comfortable material because it conforms well to your body's shape. It's also easy to care for but may not stand up as well against the elements! 

Sleeve Style

A blazer with shorter sleeves tends to look cute with t-shirts or casual outfits . But if you are more particular about wearing them for business or other formal occasions, we recommend going with a long sleeve blazer instead.

Both short and long sleeves come in many different styles such as: single, double and three button cuffs; and full length (cover the wrist) versus half (stops at the wrist). And of course, sleeveless designs are also available!

Sleeve Length

The length of your blazer's sleeves can be a significant factor in how stylish you look. Wearing short-sleeved blazers works for casual occasions or pairing with tees and jeans.

But long sleeve blazers will complete a formal look when worn over a dress shirt and tie! Figure out where you want to wear your blazer and take note of what styles work best for that occasion.


Blazers come in a large variety of colors to match all sorts of clothes, from skirts to slacks. Of course, black is always classic choice because it goes with everything .

If you're looking for something a bit brighter, why not choose from a color such as blue or red? Just be sure to match your blazer's color with other pieces in your wardrobe.

White piping Blazer for women


Blazers come in a variety of cuts that add different styles and enhances the wearer's body shape . Picking out an effective cut is important because it can help show off your best features!

If you have a petite frame consider going for a shorter style so the blazer doesn't overwhelm you. On the other hand, if you have a larger bust or backside, go with a looser fit so the material isn't tight around these areas!

If you already own blazers that have been tailored specifically to fit your body well then it should be easy to pick out the blazer that suits you best. If not, then this article is for you!

We'll be describing four different shapes of blazers to help you determine which style works best for your figure type.

Sexy And Stylish Blazer Fashion For You!

Hourglass: This body shape has wider hips and bust with a relatively small waist . It's important to choose a tailored cut when buying blazers because an ill-fitting piece that flares out around the hips will emphasize them even more!

However, don't go too tight or it'll look like you're wearing children's clothes! For example, the A line cut helps reduce hip width while still showing off your curves on top 


Pear shaped bodies have a curvier backside and wider hips, with a smaller bust and waist. The key to flattering your figure is to balance out the lower half of your body since that's where most of the volume is!

For example, try pairing a tighter blazer on top with flared pants below. Doing this will visually stretch out your torso for an all around balanced look!


Apple bodies are characterized by larger busts and narrower hips . They may not be as curvy as pear shapes but still carry their weight around the midsection.

So it's important to choose blazers that help show off your waistline while taking attention away from the lower half of your body.

An empire line cut helps do both these things! It'll 'cut' at your waist while drawing attention up with an A line flare.

Hourglass, Pear, And Apple Shapes - How To Pick The Perfect Blazer For Your Body!


This is the opposite of hourglass shapes, characterized by shoulders that are wider than their hips .

If you have a similar body type to this then it means you'll want to avoid anything tight on your lower half because it'll emphasize this even more.

So go for longer styles like single or double-breasted designs that help stretch out the torso and create balance.


Like rectangle shaped bodies, square types also have challenging proportions when trying to dress them! Since they're larger up top but narrow down below, your main priority is to make the top half look smaller.

Of course, you'll want to avoid anything too tight around the shoulders when wearing blazers so they don't look much wider than your hips! For example, single-breasted cuts are great for achieving this.


This is a great body type for blazers because it has well balanced shoulders and hips .

However, one thing to keep in mind when buying jackets is that your waist can appear larger than it actually is if you go with something fitted because the material will cling tightly around this area.

So try going without darts or belt loops so its easier to have a smooth and sleek silhouette.

Hourglass: Scoop neckline, pearl buttons, and flaps on the pockets .

Pear: Belted waist with wide hips and triangle lapels .

Apple: Vertical lines and minimal embellishments .

Rectangle: Double breasted or shawl collars with bigger shoulder pads .

Square: Cleaner cuts without excessive details for a sharp look.

Asymmetric: Stronger material such as wool that doesn't cling to your body shape too much. This way you can achieve a clean silhouette instead of dragging focus down!

If you're still struggling to find something flattering then it's probably not right for you!

Depending on what occasion you've got in mind, certain blazers make for better choices than others!

So here's a breakdown of which blazer types will best suit each occasion

Casual Events

If you're going somewhere casual then think lightweight cotton or linen with an asymmetrical cut .

This is because they tend to give off a laidback feel and can be worn both on their own or as a layering piece with other items.

For example, a chambray shirt layered under a classic white blouse would look great for casual spring days.

Business Functions

In this situation it's important to pick something versatile that can transition from day to night easily . For example, single-breasted ones in darker fabrics such as wool or tweed are nice because you can dress them up with a pencil skirt or dress them down with chinos and a blouse for daytime.

Holiday Events

In this case you should be thinking double-breasted blazers to give yourself a classy edge.

As well as black versions , lighter shades such as cream, tan or grey can be great options because they blend in easily among other pieces even if it's getting darker out! This makes them perfect for vacations especially when going from day to night.   

Important Note: Just remember that flatter your shoulders will always make any item of clothing look its best so try to avoid anything too puffy or boxy on top.

If you want to wear a blazer with detailing such as lapels, try sticking to those that follow your body shape instead of going diagonal (which can make you look even wider).

Another tip would be to go for smaller prints and details like mini bows or flowers rather than something like florals.

Conclusion paragraph

We hope this guide helped you find the perfect blazer for your wardrobe. If you're still looking, check out our other blog posts on how to dress for different occasions or what clothes are in style right now! Thanks again for reading and have a wonderful day :)

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